Four ways to develop a quality following on Instagram


It’s summer, and many of us are either on vacation or in vacation mode. So rather than give some labour-intensive marketing advice this month, I’d like to talk about growing your following on Instagram. Unless you’re in the pool, your phone is probably close by!  One way to develop a quality following on Instagram being […]

4 Common Social Media Mistakes

4 common social media mistakesa

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and perhaps even TikTok are where your clients and prospects are spending time, so it makes sense to be visible on these channels. A number of people I’ve spoken with are paralyzed by the fear of doing something wrong when it comes to sharing on social media. However, we are our own […]

Planning Your Marketing for 2022

There are only a few weeks left until the end of the year! It’s time to get your marketing plans for 2022 in place.  Given our clients’ experience, we know that a large portion of your plans must involve online activities. Over the past 18 months, consumers have spent a lot more time on their […]

Facebook vs Instagram

Facebook VS Instagram

I’m often asked by business owners if they should be on Facebook or Instagram or both and the answer is a solid “it depends”.  Although Instagram is just six years younger than Facebook, it seems to be the platform more people are talking about than Facebook. but that doesn’t mean Facebook is disappearing. There are still […]

Is your social media working for you? 3 key metrics to gauge your success

The pandemic has changed the way realtors market themselves. The days of open houses and door knocking are behind us and while they may return in the future, your marketing machine has to work now.  While it’s becoming more difficult to generate leads in real life, now is an opportune time to deepen the relationships […]