Four ways to develop a quality following on Instagram


It’s summer, and many of us are either on vacation or in vacation mode. So rather than give some labour-intensive marketing advice this month, I’d like to talk about growing your following on Instagram. Unless you’re in the pool, your phone is probably close by! 

One way to develop a quality following on Instagram being strategic about who you’re following, so here are four groups of people to start connecting with. 

People you know 

Instagram knows who you know (your account is probably connected to a Facebook account and they’re both owned by the parent company Meta). Follow these people and they will follow you back. 

Ideal Clients 

You can search by location or by hashtag. You don’t have to do this all at once, just pick one segment or demographic of people you want to work with and look them up. See what hashtags they’re using. Follow them. Assuming you’re posting good content, many will follow you back.

Local Businesses and Referral Sources

Think about the local business you love and follow them – they will follow you back! I also recommend looking up the businesses that can provide referrals to you and that you can provide referrals to. Not only will they follow you back, but they’ll be posting interesting information. Many successful agents like to act as a resource for their clients, so the relationship continues after a transaction. If they know you can recommend tradespeople, they’ll come to you when they need a handyman, plumber or interior designer. 

Past Clients

Pull a list of people you’ve done business with and look them up on Instagram. Do this with prospects and even people who have just sent an inquiry.  Bonus tip – this also works very well on LinkedIn. 

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