About us


MB Digital Communications is a real estate digital marketing agency that has been helping real estate agents increase their sales using email marketing and social media since 2007. Email marketing helps you stay in touch with past clients while attracting new ones and social media helps strengthen relationships with current clients while building awareness of your business and brand.

We know your time is best spent working directly with your clients. Let the experts at MBDC build your online presence.


We know how often to send an email, the optimal timing of when to send an email and how to craft a strong subject line that encourages your audience to open and read the email.

The most powerful emails are concise and include attention grabbing visuals, which are so important when it comes to digital marketing. The more people who open your email, the more business you can generate. All these factors work together and help us help you maximize the number of people that open your email. Customers can get bombarded with a lot of emails — we ensure yours stands out.

As well, using social media to promote your email marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways to boost your presence between emails, raise awareness and help maintain your business relationships. Social media grows your audience and encourages potential clients to become email subscribers, and then email marketing nurtures those leads into paying clients and customers. Combined together, email marketing and social media marketing will increase your bottom line.


Our Team




Although Mark started the business in 2007, it’s through the hard work of the team that that the business has grown. He’s in charge of quality control, client relationships and business development.


Lynn Zeelenberg

Executive Assistant

From newsletter layouts to all the behind the scenes administration, Lynn’s eye for detail and wide range of skills allow the business to run like a well-oiled machine.


Marketing Strategy

The title does not do justice to the services that Abdullah provides, which include marketing strategy, analysis and much more.


Content Specialist

Josh handpicks content and writes captions for social media feeds and newsletters. You may not have seen him before, but for almost six years, he’s been expertly curating client social media feeds.