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Do you belong to a company or an organization that could benefit from learning more about small business marketing? MB Digital Communications founder Mark Brodsky offers a series of free seminars and workshops on how to effectively use email marketing and social media. From introductory workshops to more in-depth information, we cover what you need to know to get the most out of your digital marketing and communications.


  • The Power of the Inbox
  • Drive New Business with Social Media
  • 30 Ways to Grow Your List
  • Automate Your Marketing
  • Email Marketing Trends for 2019


What is the first impression your emails give when someone sees them in their inbox? What actions do they take? This powerful seminar takes you through how to be an effective email marketer, including what email marketing really is (and isn’t), what it can do for your business and the five easy steps you must take to harness the power of the inbox! Learn how to:

  • Grow a healthy mailing list
  • Create great content by customizing a mobile-friendly template that matches your brand
  • Increase open rates
  • Track your results

Social media has changed the way small businesses and nonprofits must market themselves. From understanding the different social media platforms, to choosing what to say and where to say it, this seminar gives you the keys to the most effective social media marketing for your business. Learn how to:

  • Determine the platform that’s right for you and your organization
  • Announce your presence and build your network
  • Create and share content that has a clear call to action
  • Understand social media advertising and which platforms are most valuable to your business
  • Convert social media leads into customers by growing your email list

Email marketing is one of the most valuable tools that you can use to grow your business. An email list full of interested and qualified contacts can ensure that you stay top of mind and reach the right people at the right time. But just having a list is only half the battle — you need to grow it. In this workshop we show you 30 easy ways to grow your contact list today, by explaining how to:

  • Get someone to join your contacts by examining the benefits
  • Ask people to join
  • Use social media to increase numbers
  • Leverage your website, blog and events to increase interest
  • Use print material to get people to sign up
  • Offer incentives and giveaways

Autoresponder campaigns do what you wish you had the time to do—follow up, inform, entertain and provide incentives for action and engagement; they work automatically while you focus on your business. In this workshop we cover the dos and don’ts, show a sample autoresponder calendar, and share real case studies of success with autoresponder campaigns. Let us help you:

  • Learn the difference between automated messages and autoresponder campaigns
  • Decide where autoresponders can help you improve your marketing and communications
  • Understand key actions that trigger emails to be sent
  • Identify what steps to take to design effective autoresponder campaigns
  • Design the “evergreen content” that works best for your audiences

Now is the perfect time to determine the next move for your business and how to stand out from your competitors. It’s time to think about your email strategy for the year ahead so you can focus your energy and make the most out of your time. Join us as we explore the top email marketing trends for small businesses and simple ideas to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. You will learn how to:

  • Create more personalized email messages
  • Do more business and save time with automation
  • Provide value to grow your business

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“Our course evaluation requests that attendees rate 10 key measurements on the quality of a seminar. It is very impressive that consistently attendees tell us that they are extremely satisfied with the highly relevant and valuable knowledge provided by Mark. Time after time, his evaluation forms show 4s and 5s (out of 5), with people checking off ‘I would recommend this presenter’. His sessions are always well attended – he even got 26 people out in the middle of summer!”
Cyndi Amodeo, Manager of Professional Development and Events, OMDREB