Time Saving Tips for Summer Marketing

Hello Summer

Summer is here! The days are long, the weather is great and we all want to make the most of the season. 

This means that very few of us want to spend time on our devices posting on social media or working on an email newsletter. However, it’s important for your marketing to be consistent. Your clients and prospects are on their phones and laptops, even at the cottage! With the fall market approaching, now’s not the time to hit pause and take a break.  

Now, the obvious thing for me to suggest would be to hire someone take care of your marketing while you’re otherwise occupied, but that that’s a little too on the nose (though if it’s something you’re considering, please get in touch!) 

Instead, here are some practical tips on how you can keep your marketing machine going this summer. 

1. Use a calendar. Having some sort of structure will help keep you on track!

2. Find scheduling software that works for you. Facebook has a built-in tool that allows you to schedule posts there and on Instagram. You can’t schedule posts directly on LinkedIn but sites like Hootsuite and Later can help there. If you use Constant Contact for email marketing, it now has a robust scheduler built in which works on all three platforms. 

3. Content that isn’t time sensitive can be planned well in advance. 

  • Motivational quotes 
  • Client testimonials 
  • Summer festivals 
  • Road Trips 
  • Articles on your city’s best ice cream, pools, beaches and patios. A little searching will show you what’s available.  

Of course, you’ll still want to post the market news, your new listings and anything else newsworthy, but for those weeks when you have other things to do, these will keep you consistent and top-of-mind. 

If you have any questions about sourcing content, scheduling software or anything else marketing related, please get in touch!  

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