The Benefits of Creeping Your Competition


Sole proprietors (like most realtors) often operate in a vacuum. Even before the pandemic, many realtors weren’t working in an office where ideas could be exchanged and now most of us are working from home.  

Not to mention that the industry is so competitive, people don’t always want to share information about what they’re doing and where. 

Generating ideas for content on your own can be a challenge. Posting about new or sold listings may come naturally, but it’s important to remember that tools like social media and email marketing are not meant to be direct sales tools; they help to build relationships and grow awareness. 

Think about why you spend time on social media- is it to see the ads? (I’m going to guess the answer is no – they’re an annoyance!) Your clients and prospects do not want to be bombarded with ads; they’re there to be entertained. 

But back to the question: how do you know what to post? What kind of content is resonating with audiences? 

One way to find out is by checking out your competition online. I’m not suggesting you steal anything, but social media posts are all public; you don’t have to be connected to a page to have access to see what other agents are sharing. 

Begin with one channel at a time. For instance, have a look at how your competition is using their Instagram bio before looking at what they’re posting.  Setting up your accounts properly will help you make a good first impression. 

Then, focus on the level of engagement they’re getting. Don’t pay too much attention to the number of followers they have – if an account has a suspiciously high number of followers, they probably bought them. 

You’re looking for the number of likes and comments under each post. On Facebook, you’ll probably see far fewer, but it’s a good indication that what they’re posting is interesting. 

Pay attention to the aesthetics. The good news is nobody is doing anything truly new or magical, they are simply taking advantage of graphic design tools like Canva. 

I also recommend checking out what kind of emails your competition is sending out as well. 

The simplest way to find out is to create a second email address (or use one you already have, without your name in it) and spend a little time visiting the websites of your competition. If they have an email list, you’ll likely see a form on their website or a popup. Sign up and check out the emails when they come in. You never know what sort of ideas you can generate! 

It shouldn’t be your job to keep up on what’s happening in the real estate market AND what’s changing with social media, but the reality is you’re a realtor by trade and a marketer by necessity.

One of the advantages of outsourcing your marketing is that it’s our job to know what’s happening online, whether a new app is worth using and how the rules are changing. If you have any questions, please reach out!

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