Planning Your Marketing for 2023

Planning for 2023

Now is a great time to visit some of your existing marketing initiatives and plan for the year. Here are a few things to think about: 

Google Business Profile 

A Google Business Profile shows up front and centre on both phones and computers. Being verified by Google gives you instant credibility. 

Great reviews are a tool that many consumers use to gauge whether they want to do business with you. Google is a perfect place to collect them. After a transaction, have a link handy so you can send it out to happy buyers or sellers so they can leave you those five-star reviews that are so important. 

If you haven’t set up a profile yet, there’s no time like the present. And, it’s free.  Click here


Your website needs to be mobile-friendly. If it’s not, Google will penalize you when someone searches on a device – you may not show up at all. To check if your site looks good on a phone – pick up your phone and take a look! If it looks the same as it does on a computer, it’s time to call the company and have them update the template! 

While you’re on your site, look around. Click the links. Make sure things work they way they are supposed to. You’d be surprised how many sites have broken links – I even found a broken link on my own site! But it can’t be fixed unless you find it. 

Email Marketing 

According to email marketing company Constant Contact, 72% of consumers prefer email as their main channel for business communication. I believe it is the best tool to proactively stay in touch with your community and it’s critical for realtors who rely on repeat clients and referrals. 

A monthly plan for email marketing will ensure you stay in touch with your past clients and, when done right, it can make it easy for them to refer you to their friends and family. 

The first step is to update your contact list. (You’re not alone if you haven’t done this in the past few years, or ever!) Include first names wherever possible, allowing you to personalize your email. Once this is done you can start thinking about a monthly newsletter. 

Social Media 

Visit your accounts and try to look at them from an objective point of view. Is your headshot consistent? If you’ve moved brokerages, is that change reflected? Is 2023 the year you look into TikTok?

It’s worth spending a little time this year checking out the competition on various platforms to see what they’re posting and the kind of reactions they’re getting. It can also provide you with some inspiration. For more on creeping your competition, click here


If you’re not yet using video in your marketing, make 2023 the year you do it! (I said the exact same thing last year. And the year before. It’s not going away.) Short of being in person, nothing conveys your personality, your charm and your charisma (and I know you’ve got them) like video. Click here for a past article with some tips.

Whether it’s a market update, a profile of a local business or a walk-through of your latest listing, video is content that keeps on giving. you can put your video in an email, on a YouTube channel, on your website and on your social media. 

Pick One and Make It Happen 

If you don’t know where to begin, simply pick the one initiative you like the most and start there. When that is complete, pat yourself on the back and pick the next. Implement one digital marketing improvement at a time.  

If digital marketing makes you squirm and you just want to get on with helping your clients, get in touch and I can help you set your digital marketing plans for 2023. Looking forward to hearing from you.