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Email Marketing

We can create something professional; customized and effective client contact programs to meet your business needs. Whether you’re looking for a regular contact program or to heighten your company’s online profile, we can help. Learn More.

Social Media

For business owners who are new to using social media, it can be daunting. We can help! MB Digital Communications begins with a consultation to determine your goals and preferences for your social media plan and help you figure out what sites your current and prospective customers are using. Learn More.

Educational Seminars

Whether you’re looking to build your marketing toolkit, or your small business is getting started with Constant Contact email marketing, we provide insightful seminars to make it easy. Learn More.

Plan now for better sales results this holiday season

It’s tempting to take a break from marketing once the cold weather hits. Depending on your industry, things may be winding down for the year or you might be heading into your busiest season. Regardless of what’s happening, pay attention to your marketing this time of year! If you’re sending out an email, especially a…

3 Easy Tips For Building Your Mailing List Offline

Last month I wrote about building your mailing list online – this month, I want to discuss ways to build your mailing list in real life. Here are three ways you can grow your list offline: Start with the people you know Remember your friends, family, and colleagues. According to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, you…

3 Easy Tips For Building Your Mailing List Online

Continuing to build your mailing list ensures that you have more chances to reach people and increase your business! Here are three ways you can grow your list using online tools: Promote a sign-up link on social media Social media is great for building awareness of your business – use the contacts you’ve developed to…

Are you ready for the Canadian anti-spam deadline?

July 1, 2017 will be here faster than you think. That’s the deadline for the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation to come into full effect. What does this mean for you? In less than a year, Canadians can start filing complaints about companies who are sending them unwanted emails. Fines can range from $1 million for…

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