Realty ROI: Mastering Low-Cost Online Marketing Strategies

Part One: AI, Content, and Branding 

February is traditionally a slow time for the real estate market, but it’s still important to keep your pipeline filled. The market is going to come back and you should be ready for it. 

Here are some budget-friendly ways to set up your marketing machine to make sure it’s running when you get busy.  Please note that none of the companies I’m referring to below are paying me to share their content. 


Just as when you’re building a house, you need to start with a good foundation. 

Sign up for an account with ChatGPT. It will help you generate ideas for everything discussed below and can even draft captions and content. Learn how it works and learn what kinds of prompts you can give it for the best results.  

Here’s a good guide to help you get started.

There are endless amounts of information available online, but my suggestion would simply be to experiment with it.  

Content Creation

Original content will generate the most engagement for you online. What sort of content makes sense for you to create? Be realistic about how much you’re able to do. If you prefer writing, blogs may be the right avenue. People are still interested in long-ish content (500 words or so). 

Photos and videos can be used across all platforms. Slower seasons are a good time to plan ahead and build up a library of content. If you’re not sure where to start, check out your competition. Their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts are public and they have no way of knowing who’s checking them out. 

Remember that ChatGPT account you set up in step one? Now’s the time to start using it. 

“Give me 12 ideas for personal content a real estate agent can post on social media.” Then refine it. 

Figure out which tools you need (such as a ring light, tripod, mic) and set them up. The easier you make this for yourself, the higher the chance is that you actually use them. Eliminate as many hurdles are you can. 

Pro tip #1: I find it difficult to get out a first draft so I will often just dictate into a notes app or Microsoft Word. 

Pro tip #2: When you’re making your own videos, let the camera run for five seconds before you start speaking, and let it run for five seconds after you finish. This eliminates that awkwardness when you reach for the camera to turn it on or off. You can edit this out on your phone or with Canva.

Branding and Graphic Design

When you have a larger budget, you can bring on a professional graphic designer because they’ll really help you to define who you are and make you stand out. Until then, a site like Canva is going to be the next best thing. 

Chances are that many of those sharp looking graphics you see online were made on Canva. The basic use of the tool is free (a Canva pro account is $149 per year) and you can even use it to create videos. If you’re unfamiliar with Canva, sign up and take their free starter course.

Customize some templates for yourself, including frames for testimonials, and new listings. 

If your brokerage has a Canva account with pre-designed templates take advantage of what’s being offered! 

Pro tip: Canva can also be used for creating logos. 

Now that you have some of the basics covered, we’ll get more specific next month about social media and email marketing.

If you have any questions about these topics or want to chat about your own marketing, please get in touch! 


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