How are you doing with your New Year’s marketing resolutions?

Many of us started 2021 enthusiastically, with high hopes for what the year would bring. We had big plans for what we were going to do and how we were going to get it done.

However, just as with New Year’s Resolutions, a few things stuck, and a few fell by the wayside. As we begin to wrap up the first month of the year, one initiative I’m doing is looking at what didn’t get started and thinking through what got in the way. Rather than feel guilty about it, I am figuring out at what can be outsourced or simply crossed off the list because it’s really not critical.

For weeks, I procrastinated updating slide decks for the webinars I deliver. (If I’m being honest, it was more like months). I realized that it would take several hours completely dedicated to that project and that hiring someone to do it would result in two things: more time for me and a more professional product. So, I gave detailed instructions to one of my team members, who did a great job. And, now it’s done!

I recommend making a list of the marketing activities you would like to start or want to continue and decide which of those you enjoy and which are such a chore that they fall to the bottom of the list. Willpower can only get you so far.

As a start, consider the activities that will keep you top of mind with people you already know who may well send you referrals (thereby doing a little lead gen for you!)

The pandemic restrictions are likely to last many more months and clients are getting used to doing more research online, so it makes sense for a realtor to have a robust presence.

The first thing is to claim your business listing on Google so it comes up when people look for you. This will also allow you to collect those positive reviews from your happy clients. Once this is done, it will work in the background for you and doesn’t need to be updated every day. There are other review sites, but Google is still the most important. The question here is, do you want to figure out how to do it or do you just want it to be done?

Next is social media. People are spending way more time on Facebook and Instagram, so it’s important that you have a presence.

Social media is the hardest one to do yourself because it’s time consuming and the rules keep changing. First, you need to make sure your profiles are complete and up-to-date. Then, you need to have a plan to be posting good content on a regular basis. If all you’re posting is listings, people are quickly going to tune out. You need a balance of content from a range of sources to do it well and each channel (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) has a slightly different culture. LinkedIn is strictly business, Instagram is more casual and Facebook is a balance of the two.  

Social media can be one of the more obvious things to outsource. Some companies will post the same content for all clients while other take a more boutique approach posting unique content. It’s a question of budget but if you don’t like being in front of your computer, the chance is low that you’re going to start or be consistent. This is a business building activity you could be delegating.

Email marketing:

Email marketing only works when it’s done right. Sending out an email that is 100% sales focused is a good way to get people to delete your email or unsubscribe. An effective email has a balance of content and a subject line that gets people interested. Creating a monthly newsletter isn’t that difficult. Creating a good newsletter that people actually open and read, that’s much more of a challenge. Do you have the patience and skill to write an introduction, come up with a catchy subject line and find content that’s interesting? Do you even want to be doing this? Is this something you should be delegating?

If you’re going to do these things yourself, have a look at the different software  options available and see which one you’re more comfortable with. Many CRM’s have software built in, but they’re not usually as robust as a Constant Contact or a MailChimp. Create a calendar so you know when your email is due to go out. Bookmark the sites that offer the best content.

And of course, if you want someone to take this all or some of this off your hands, please get in touch!