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6 Ways to Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

Over half of all emails are now read on a mobile device. An email that can’t be read on a phone will result in more people deleting the email without reading it.

Here are six tips to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and will generate action!

1. Keep your email short. Try and keep it to a picture, a paragraph and a call to action.

2. Avoid multiple columns – they may look strange and make the email too hard to read

3. Make sure your photos are sized correctly for a mobile device

4. Mobile screens are small- make sure the font is large enough for someone to comfortably read. Try a 14pt font.

5. Feature your call to action – the reason you sent your email in the first place was to drive action. Put that link where it’s easy to click!

6. Use a professional email marketing system like Constant Contact. They have templates that are designed to be mobile-friendly.

To make sure your email is mobile friendly, just send yourself a copy. If it looks good on your phone, chances are you’re good to go.

If you’re ready to put email marketing and social media to work, give me a call at 416 275 7916 or send an email.



How to be seen on Facebook while you’re on vacation

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So you’d like to stay active on social media this holiday season, but you also want to ski, spend time with the kids or binge-watch the new season of Orange is the New Black.

No matter what you want you like to do on your holidays, it probably doesn’t include sitting in front of your computer and posting on Facebook.

Here’s a solution that allows you to relax and enjoy your holiday and still post on social media. Repurpose the 10 most popular things you posted this year. There’s even a hashtag for it – #mostpopular .

Go through your Facebook analytics, pull a report from Hootsuite, or simply scan your posts to see what got the most attention. Then, spend a few minutes scheduling these to go out over the holidays. Social media posts have such a short shelf life that it’s unlikely someone will see a post twice. To grab attention, add a colourful Happy Holidays or Happy New Year photograph.

If you’d like some help keeping your Facebook postings active while you enjoy some downtime, please be in touch.


Plan now for better sales results this holiday season

40374366 - young woman reading a book by fireplaceIt’s tempting to take a break from marketing once the cold weather hits.

Depending on your industry, things may be winding down for the year or you might be heading into your busiest season.

Regardless of what’s happening, pay attention to your marketing this time of year! If you’re sending out an email, especially a newsletter, be sure to send it before December 15th. After the 15th you’ll find that fewer people will open it.

Whether it’s paper or email, a holiday card is a good idea. Send it closer to the holidays so your list keeps you top of mind in a friendly way.

If you’d like the attention-getting advantage of a customized holiday email card, let me know. I’m ready to put one together for you!


3 Easy Tips For Building Your Mailing List Offline

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Last month I wrote about building your mailing list online – this month, I want to discuss ways to build your mailing list in real life.

Here are three ways you can grow your list offline:

Start with the people you know

Remember your friends, family, and colleagues. According to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, you can email anyone you’d normally be in contact with. This makes sense, because they want to help you succeed – so add them to your list and ask them to forward your emails to anyone they think might be interested. You can also include anybody you’ve done business with in the past two years, but I would suggest asking them directly for permission – that way you don’t have to keep track of the last time there was a business transaction.

Ask face-to-face

Whenever you are exchanging business cards make it a habit to ask someone if you can add them to your mailing list. You’ll find that people are quite willing to say yes! Then, if you send them an interesting initial email, it’s likely that they’ll stay on your list!

Application forms and comment cards

If you run a business where people have to fill out a form or fill out a comment card, include a box your customer can check that will allow you to add them to your mailing list. Not only will you build your mailing list, but you’ll get valuable feedback about your business.

3 Easy Tips For Building Your Mailing List Online

mistakesContinuing to build your mailing list ensures that you have more chances to reach people and increase your business!

Here are three ways you can grow your list using online tools:

Promote a sign-up link on social media

Social media is great for building awareness of your business – use the contacts you’ve developed to get them to sign up for your email. One of the reasons you want to do this is that you now have control of when you send them information. As well, you now own their information as oppose to having them like your page on Facebook, which owns your content.

Use your email signature

This can work for everyone. Add a signup link to your email signature – again, it’s a one-time set up and it means that there’s a chance to build your mailing list with each email you send. An added bonus is that when people click your link and add themselves to your list, they fall under the category of express consent, which means you can keep them on your mailing list until they unsubscribe.

Forward to a friend

Make sure you include the forward to a friend button in your emails – and that there’s a place that allows them to sign up. One of the goals with email campaigns is that you want to get your current clients to help you build your database. Often a gentle nudge or suggestion is all that it takes to get someone to send your email to somebody in their network.

Are you ready for the Canadian anti-spam deadline?

33291881 - no spam sign.

July 1, 2017 will be here faster than you think. That’s the deadline for the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation to come into full effect. What does this mean for you? In less than a year, Canadians can start filing complaints about companies who are sending them unwanted emails. Fines can range from $1 million for individuals to $10 million for companies who violate the law.

The best way to protect yourself is to get express permission from people on your list AND document it. Express permission means that someone has given you explicit permission to email them and that you have it documented in writing.

Here are four ways you can do this:

Ask for permission in your monthly email

At the top of each marketing email you send out, include a link that allows people to ‘consent’ to staying on your list.

An email marketing system like Constant Contact will keep track of this, saving you the trouble of documenting it.

Closer to next July, you can separate your database into two lists, those who have consented and those who have not. At that point, you may choose to contact people directly for permission or simply remove them from your list.

Send out a special email asking for permission

You may have received one of these in June 2014 just before the law first came into effect. It’s a short email sent to people on your database asking them to consent to staying on your list. The benefit is that it’s a one-click action, but the downside is that the response rate is really low. The promise of a discount or special offer can motivate people to click.

Start fresh; re-boot your list

When you set up an email marketing account, you have the option to require a ‘double-opt in’, which means that when people sign up for your mailing list (even through your website) they will receive an email confirming that they are interested in being on your list.

Removing your database and uploading it again with the ‘double-opt in’ system in place will ensure that your list is compliant. The downside is that your list will likely be significantly smaller as people might not opt in again. However, it’s very likely that the people who do re-join your list are genuinely interested in your business.

Pick up the phone

A little personal connection is never a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to connect with past clients and prospects and you may even generate some business! If you’re doing this, I suggest working with the ‘double opt-in’ feature so that you don’t need to keep track of who said yes. Hopefully, after a call from you, they’ll click and be on your list forever.
Please be in touch anytime if you have questions about the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. I can help you feel more relaxed and confident, knowing that you’re fully protected.