6 Ways to Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

6 Ways to Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

Over half of all emails are now read on a mobile device. An email that can’t be read on a phone will result in more people deleting the email without reading it.

Here are six tips to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and will generate action!

1. Keep your email short. Try and keep it to a picture, a paragraph and a call to action.

2. Avoid multiple columns – they may look strange and make the email too hard to read

3. Make sure your photos are sized correctly for a mobile device

4. Mobile screens are small- make sure the font is large enough for someone to comfortably read. Try a 14pt font.

5. Feature your call to action – the reason you sent your email in the first place was to drive action. Put that link where it’s easy to click!

6. Use a professional email marketing system like Constant Contact. They have templates that are designed to be mobile-friendly.

To make sure your email is mobile friendly, just send yourself a copy. If it looks good on your phone, chances are you’re good to go.

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